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USPTO issues patent for "Preservation by Vaporization" technology, allowing manufacture of thermostable vaccines and other fragile biopharmaceuticals

November 16, 2016


SAN DIEGO, Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- USPTO has issued a patent for a novel manufacturing process, "Preservation by Vaporization" (PBV),  invented by Dr. Victor Bronshtein, Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Universal Stabilization Technologies, Inc. (UST).  This invention eliminates the need for the cold chain during storage, distribution and delivery of labile biotherapeutics. Additionally, it allows the product to be micronized into powders suitable for administration by respiratory, transdermal, oral, intravaginal, or other mucosal delivery routes, eliminating the need for both reconstitution and needle injection.


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Rabies vaccine preserved with PBV is thermostable and immunogenic

March 26, 2015


A rabies vaccine that is thermostable over a range of ambient environmental temperatures would be highly advantageous, especially for tropical regions with challenging cold-chain storage where canine rabies remains enzootic resulting in preventable human mortality.  Download to read the full article published by Elsevier.  


UST grants StemProtein, LLC, subsidiary of Stemedica, an exclusive worldwide license for Stem Cell Stabilization And Preservation Technologies 


March 24, 2015



UST announces launch of new website


March 3, 2015


UST announces the launch of  VitriLife™ provides dehyrdation formulation services for the industrial scale preservation and delivery of thermostable biopharmaceuticals.



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