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Groundbreaking stabilization & delivery enabling technology

for your microbial and biological products



Our mission is to become the leading global provider of stabilization and delivery enabling technologies for vaccines and other biologics by helping our customers safeguard the viability and efficacy of their products during long-term storage, transport, and distribution.

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Our Markets


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Vaccines &

other biologics

Whether you're working on prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines against infectious diseases or the next antibody-based targeted therapy, UST has a long track record of applying its patented technologies and formulation/development expertise to help its customers develop superior, safe, and effective biological drug products.  In addition, while we can always prepare products for injection, we also have expertise formulating products for mucosal delivery (e.g. vaccine pill) which can help improve patient experiences and significantly reduce the need for needles and syringes.


Microbiome-based Therapeutics 

The human body is home to trillions of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  As we learn more about the potential microbiome modulating microbes have on human health, it is clear product companies need an effective alternative to lyophilization to produce beneficial 

bacteria without losses in potency during manufacture and subsequent storage. 



Ensuring the efficacy, stability, and commercial viability of microbial products and their metabolites in real world conditions are among the biggest challenges in agriculture.  To reduce the environmental impact of farming while enhancing crop production, growers must see improvements in yield, longer product shelf-life, and compatibility with agrochemicals.  UST has expertise delivering microbes on seeds in combination with other chemistries and additives commonly used in agriculture.  

Beefmaster cattle standing in a green fi

Animal Health

We are committed to working with our partners to help them develop innovative solutions for protecting and enhancing animal health and nutrition.  Our proprietary stabilization and delivery enabling technologies are helping our partners enhance their microbial and biologic products by resolving significant challenges related to formulation and development allowing production at scale, long shelf life, stability, and protection in real world conditions. 

Soybean field ripening at spring season,



Universal Stabilization Technologies, Inc. ("UST") is a San Diego-based biopharmaceutical R&D company and provider of leading stabilization and delivery enabling technologies with higher yields and at higher storage temperatures than currently possible.  UST’s proprietary process allows the cost-effective stabilization and delivery of fragile biologicals from biomedical to agricultural applications during long-term storage, transport, and distribution.  UST also develops novel methods for mucosal and transdermal administration of labile biologicals.

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