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Groundbreaking thermostabilization technology
for your microbial and biological products


The current global cold chain is expensive and largely ineffective at maintaining the viability of temperature-sensitive vaccines and biologics during long-term storage, transport, and distribution, overwhelming the global healthcare system and mass immunization campaigns.


We saw this first hand during the COVID-19 pandemic, which revealed significant logistical challenges, millions of doses of spoiled and discarded vaccines, supply chain disruptions, and exorbitant costs that led to delayed delivery of life-saving medications, particularly to low-resource settings and developing economies.


Traditional drying technologies such as freeze-drying are refrigerator dependent, offer limited stability at elevated temperatures, and are known to be damaging to heat-labile vaccines and fragile biologics due to their harsh processing conditions.

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Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

UST offers developers of vaccines and biophramaceuticals a proven scalable alternative to complex challenges through a combination of innovative technologies and services.

Our Markets

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Vaccines and Biopharmaceuticals

Our team has extensive experience in developing both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against infectious diseases, targeted antibody-based therapies, and other biologics. We apply our patented technologies and formulation expertise to help our clients develop superior, safe, and effective biological drug products. Additionally, we have expertise developing needle-free delivery devices, which can improve patient compliance and experiences.




As scientists uncover the potential benefits of microbiome-modulating microbes on human health, the importance of producing beneficial bacteria without potency loss during manufacture and storage becomes increasingly evident, highlighting the need for an effective alternative to lyophilization. This is particularly relevant given the fact that the human body houses trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

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Agricultural Biologicals

As global food demand continues to rise and sustainable agricultural practices are sought to maintain the health of our ecosystems, ensuring a stable and sustainable food supply through the use of beneficial microbes formulated for stability is becoming increasingly important. Microbes have the potential to increase crop production yield, enhance water and nutrient uptake, and reduce the impact of plant pathogens. 

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Animal Health
& Nutrition

Improving animal health and nutrition is critical in ensuring a sustainable food supply. Companies that develop vaccines, parasiticides, and therapeutics for livestock and companion animals recognize the importance of safe and effective products and appreciate the importance of stable and effective formulations. We have extensive experience formulating thermostable vaccines and direct fed microbials for the real world. We're here to help our partners develop superior applications.

Our Partners

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About us

Universal Stabilization Technologies, Inc. ("UST") is a San Diego-based provider of superior stabilization and delivery enabling technologies with higher yields and at higher storage temperatures than currently possible.  UST’s proprietary process enables the thermostabilization of vaccines and biologics during long-term storage, transport, and distribution.  UST also develops novel mucosal and transdermal delivery systems for vaccines and biologics.

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