Executive Team


Victor Bronshtein, Ph.D.

President & CSO

Dr. Bronshtein is the founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and President of Universal Stabilization Technologies, Inc. since 2002.  He is an inventor, entrepreneur and biophysicist having devoted his professional career to investigating and protecting biomacromolecules, membranes, viruses, bacteria, mammalian cells and multicellular specimens from damage during cryopreservation and preservation in the dry state.  Dr. Bronshtein holds over 100 patents and patent applications worldwide, and has pioneered several preservation technologies including Preservation by Vaporization (PBV), currently the only industrial scale foam drying technology for biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Bronshtein holds a Post Doc from Cornell University, and an MS and PhD from Moscow State University.


Contact Email: victorb@vitrilife.com 



Alexander Segal

Vice President, Business Development & Licensing

Alex joined UST in 2014 and leads business development, partnerships, and in-and-out licensing transactions.  Alex has been instrumental in developing collaborations with industry, government, and academic institutions. He is responsible for executing UST’s vision and strategy and leads licensing transactions and partnerships.  Prior to UST, Alex held business and corporate development positions where he was responsible for strategy and M&A.  Alex is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in business finance and resides in San Diego with his wife and three children.


Contact Email: alexs@vitrilife.com


Vivian Lauderdale, MS, MBA, RAC

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & QA/QC

Vivian brings over 25 years of experience from the biotechnology industry with expertise in regulatory affairs, cGMP quality systems, and biomedical business management.  She has strong grant writing expertise and has successfully obtained awards from the SBIR, NIH, DoD, and NSF.  She also holds a Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) from the US Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS).  Vivian holds an MS from George Washington University Medical School Division and an Executive MBA from UCLA.  


Contact Email: vivianl@vitrilife.com 

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Executive Team