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PBV preserved biopharmaceuticals do not require reconstitution with water and can be incorporated in several devices for delivery through respiratory, vaginal, oral (intestinal, sublingual, buccal) and transdermal routes.  


Biologicals foamed in carbohydrate glasses (sugar glass) are micronized using gentle milling protocols.  Thermostable dry powders are then incorporated in a range of delivery devices that do not require reconstitution with water. 


Delivery Devices:


  • Tablets

  • Dissolvable films

  • Microneedle patches

  • Suppositories

  • Ointments

  • Creams

  • Enteric coated capsules

  • Other anhydrous devices



Delivery Routes:


  • Oral (intestinal, sublingual, buccal)

  • Transdermal

  • Nasal (respiratory)

  • Vaginal

  • Anal


Analytical Testing:


We test for residual water activity, glass transition temperature, and physicochemical activity of delivery devices.

Analytical Testing
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